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VMTPRO Virtual Mixing Technology presents a revolutionary advancement in audio mixing consoles. Features include:
25 digitally split discreet 32, 64, 96 and 120 channel mixing consoles with 1.7ms system throughput.
1 Primary FOH and 24 stereo monitor consoles.

VMTPRO on locationSMTPRO mixing consoles are offered in configurations of 32, 64, 96, and 120 I/O with built-in Source Attenuator, Phase Reverse, L/R Swap and Mono buttons. Each channel has a 5 Band Parametric/Graphic EQ and additional Hi and Lo Cut filters. Compressor and Key Gate with band-pass filter, Pre and Post FX patch points, and 6 Stereo Aux Sends with Panning.

DirectX and VST protocols are seamlessly woven into the engine design with all plug-ins, of all types, showing in one common effects choice window.

24 Stereo Output Assignments feature 8-point XY Surround Panning and a separate Sub and Center Channel, as well as Solo, Mute and a Long Throw Fader with a -60 dB Hi Resolution Stereo Meter on each channel.

Imagine separate monitor consoles for each of the 24 stereo monitor mixes, giving total control over each performer's mix. No more fiddling with aux sends or matrix controls to create monitor mixes. No expensive microphone splitters are needed to split the audio signal 25 ways. The digital audio split is internal and provides an exact zero noise copy of the 72 inputs to all 25 consoles and has 5 tap points to select from for each Input channel and 2 tap points from each Return channel.

And VMTPRO is sublimely mobile, with a footprint of just 2' x 2'!


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