San Diego Data Consulting

VMT Pro is your litigation support powerhouse! We offer unique services tailored to your need to have all relevant facts obtained through the legal discovery process, and beyond, transformed to an organized and digestible form.

When you need information fast, VMT Pro will deliver. Our expertise allows us to swiftly undertake the most daunting tasks, on the edge of deadlines, and produce meaningful results. We’ve been in the legal trenches and understand the pressures.

Time is money, and we know you need more of both. Let our team show you how to get the job done in a cost effective way with work product that will dazzle you.

A good plan is as important as its execution. VMT Pro knows how to get the results you need. Together, we will use strategy, creativity and focused knowledge to rapidly create a path to success.

Our conscientious staff offers over 30 years of experience in the legal field.